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Vegan values (and vegetative thinking)




There are some pretty good arguments for becoming a vegetarian:  Firstly, you will escape the risk of food poisoning from eating inadequately cooked meat, though unless a vegan, you still risk contracting salmonella…


Karma, the ‘Law’ of


The blind acceptance of one's fate and the fate of others that is central to Karmic thinking, enables personal and social injustice to thrive unchallenged. It encourages guilt, acquiescence and bad housing for those underfoot whilst fostering complacency and indifference in the 'deserving'. 

Uri Geller: Psychokineticist or bender of truths?



According to psychologist Jacob Empson, the much-loved stage entertainer Uri Geller is an ‘obvious charlatan’ [ 1 ]. 

Supernature: Alimentary my dear Watson?




A critique of Lyall Watson’s New Age blockbuster

Memes maketh minds




Q: What do a limerick, a catchy tune, science, a new way of making pots and religious belief have in common?




The Luscher Colour Test - Miracle tool or obscurantist hokum?


Fads, by definition, come and go.  Fads in ‘pop psychology’ map a less certain trajectory.  A new theory, typically the unreplicated work of a…


Palmistry: A handy little earner?

Palmistry – like most ‘ancient arts’ – is, in fact, a pseudoscience, and pseudoscience of the mind, body and spirit divide into three broad strands…

Casteneda: Diablero or diabolical fibber?




Should the collected ‘teachings’ of a fictional character be treated as a bona fide crap theory?  The answer is ‘yes’ if those ideas have been accepted as objective fact by an international readership of millions, and the fiction was never… 

Ley Lines

Straight lines were invented by the Ancients - possibly by Euclid, to make doing geometry a bit simpler; straight roads and trackways soon followed. 


Fire-walking is a age-old feat carried out by the old-aged feet of fakirs, or fakers…

Breatharianism: the cult that’s quietly out to lunch?





The taxonomy of Earth’s carbon-based life-forms recognises three broad classes of organism: the animal, the plant and, now, it would seem, the breatharian


Psychometric Testing

The mismeasure of mind?





An aura, not to be confused with a Nora (which is a kind of female person) or a bloody Nora! (a north country oath) is an invisible, coloured haze said to …


Occam’s Razor

Sharpening the mind…

Arguments for the existence of God


It was never the business of these writings to cause anybody insult or injury for their religious views, nor to tackle the question of whether there is a God up there to be religious about in the first place. 

Fallacies of the Phallus: which fool said ‘size matters’?




[PARENTAL WARNING: Contains explicit content. So don’t let your mum and dad read this!]

Animal Language

Can animals talk?

The Celestine Prophecy

Do people actually read this stuff?

Latent Homosexuality

Are you gay but nobody’s told you yet?



'A nerd guaranteed or your donation returned '

IQ: Can psychologists think?

For a trait that is, according to hereditarians 80% inherited, it is surprising how much knowledge one must acquire to succeed at one of these tests.
















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